Flexlite Tig K3 – 4 Pin Plug K3 level models have screw-in connectors in water hoses and a 4-pin control cable connector. Welding capacity, physical size and reach are primary considerations when selecting the torch for your application. Thermal efficiency, consumables design and lifetime, are values that will improve your welding satisfaction and reduce overall costs. Flexlite products offer a wide range of models, so you can be sure to select the capacity, size, and length, to match your application. Be it road vehicles or aerospace, Flexlite ignites your passion for welding. Flexlite TX models 163GVD9 and 223GVD13 are equipped with a DIX connector and a manual gas valve to regulate the shielding gas flow, ensuring basic TIG welding tasks are easily completed. Use with MMA power sources for scratch and TouchArc TIG ignition. Flexlite Tig K3 – 4 Pin Plug

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