Laser Welding As with all welding processes, there is a fume hazard present. The appropriate measures should be taken to ensure safety, with the most effective method being an extraction hood coupled with a personal air powered respirator system for the operator. It is important that any filtration is matched to the welding process/material. The required safety and personal protection measures must not be overlooked whilst capitalising on the productivity gains that hand held fibre laser welding offers. When using a Class 4 laser welder it is imperative that you use a suitable Class 4 enclosure. Appropriately certified eyewear must be worn which is suitable for the laser output wavelength, by both the operator and anyone within the enclosed working environment. The standards for such protection are governed by EN-207:2017. The key aspects of the laser glasses are the optical density rating (OD) and the LB rating. These ratings determine the level of protection provided from the laser radiated at defined wavelengths. For the wavelength of 1080nm from Max Photonics fibre laser welding systems, the minimum optical density rating required for adequate protection is 7 (OD7). The minimum LB rating is 6. All Max Photonics handheld fibre laser welding systems from Wilkinson Star Limited come supplied with CE marked laser safety glasses with a rating of OD7+ and LB7, and are tested in accordance with EN-207:2017. Only the combination of specified laser safety glasses and welding helmet with appropriate filters and face shield will provide sufficient protection to all personnel present during laser welding. A UV rated helmet with a shade 4 or 5 lens should be used to protect against the secondary thermal radiation from the plasma arc that is created during welding. The face shield of the welding mask should be certified to EN-208. Exposure to infrared (IR) and UV light radiation can cause serious injury to the skin. Operators and all personnel working within the Laser Controlled Area must wear protective clothing including laser-resistant and heat resistant gloves, caps, leather apron and other laser-resistant and heat-resistant clothing.