Mosa For over 50 years, MOSA has been supplying the market with reliable high performance products. Expertise and innovation rank MOSA as a global benchmark in the production of machines that accommodate the needs of the electricity production and welding sectors: generating sets, engine driven welder and lighting towers. This exclusive know-how has led to the creation of solutions designed and built according to strict quality criteria that have earmarked the success of MOSA amidst the most demanding end users. The mining industry is one of the most arduous environments for equipment to operate in. The high temperatures, which in the mine can reach 40°C in the warmer months and the presence of dust, represent two of the environmental elements that affects the service life of the machines and their efficiency. These environments are particularly difficult for equipment such as generating sets which are often used to provide both prime and standby power. MOSA generators and their technology have been proven operate in these challenging environments and are being used by some of the largest mining companies in the Pilbara area, north of Perth in Western Australia. This area has one of the highest concentrations of mining in Australia, thanks in the presence of large reserves of iron and manganese in the subsoil. The generators used by these industries are mainly powering the pumps placed at the extraction site, which are tasked with drawing the water out. These machines often have to work continuously, and therefore need to be highly reliable and powerful. Manufacturers also need to meet the strict standards governing mining activities in Australia, particularly with regard to site safety. As such generator sets are equipped with fire extinguishers, adhesive reflectors and three-way kits for external fuel supply, ensuring 24 hours operation. MOSA generators chose Perkins engines to power these generator sets due to Perkins’ power and reliability. An 85 hp Perkins 1104C is used in the 115 PSX MOSA model while a 200 hp Perkins 1106A powers MOSA’s 225 PS model. MOSA highlighted the great reliability of Perkins products, their high performance, ease of access for maintenance operations and the availability of Perkins parts. Welding Leads