Electac  is a  UK-based  business  which has been solving people’s  fume control needs for over 35 years. DURABILITY – Electac equipment is built to last.   Rugged metal construction and quality materials ensure many years of hassle-free use
The Electac portable MT welding fume & dust units are rugged & efficient with a well proven design that gives a long & trouble free working life. Many companies throughout the World use both the double motor MT900ni & the single motor MT800ni finding that they are inexpensive to buy & economic to operate. Both units are used when portability & flexibility are required either with a capture nozzle held by a magnet or with a MIG extractor torch taking the fumes directly from the weld area. A built-in spark trap & main disposable filter cartridge give 99.99% efficiency for all particulate. Bypass airflow motors use separate cooling fans to ensure long life & a prominent filter full light indicates when a new filter cartridge is required. Being fully serviceable, with spares readily available, is perhaps why they are probably the most used unit of it’s type in the U.K. F-Tech All new F-Tech units sold through Wilkinson Star Limited within the United Kingdom, Ireland & Europe shall be warrantied to the original owner, (which is non-transferable) for the periods as detailed below against failure due to defective materials or production. This warranty starts following the date of sale to the end user and the original invoice is documentation for the warranty period. Products should be registered online at www.F-Tech-waranty.com within 28 days of purchase. F-Tech Armur units 5 years F-Tech Fox units 5 years F-Tech Pocket units 2 years Suction arms 1 year Spares and accessories 90 days (Excludes used filters) F-Tech welding torches 90 days