From a lock-up garage in Bewdley, Worcestershire Parweld began operating 44 years ago manufacturing welding torches to the industry. It was from here that Parweld began its journey to become a market leader in MIG, TIG and Plasma torches, machines and accessory welding products. Thoughtful design and re-engineering lie behind Parwelds record of consistently successful product innovation. State of the art development techniques and production equipment is used to produce one of the world’s most comprehensive ranges of welding products. With over 32 years experience of producing welding and cutting torches and 17 years experience of outsourcing and manufacturing under licence Parwelds objective is simple to engineer a range of standard features essential to the functionality, usability and service life of its products. Our aim is that customers will trust a product because it carries the Parweld name, a mark of quality. The entire product range carries the CE mark, and is constructed in accordance with European directives and the product specific standards where they apply.