Mig Torches mig torches are a very important part of a mig welding machine as it is the main working part, the length of a mig torch is determined  by the type of material you are welding and also the gas mixture the shorter the better for feeding the wire especially for stainless steels and aluminium, the wire liners will also have to be replaced for very hard or soft wires. most torches are named as binzel or compatible with binzel and are rated from 100 amp up to 600 amps, above 350 amp are generally water cooled. water coolers are optional extras for most power sources above 350 amps. most manufacturers use the same types of power cables but use different handles to identify there brand so there is not many differences to each other, The wire liners are also very similar in design but can differ as the material used are different. Mig Torches