Welding leads & Connectors We have a selection of welding earth leads and welding electrode leads to suit most welding machines. Inverter Welding Machines. The lead we provide are suitable for the latest inverter technology machines IGBT. most machine normally will have one of two types of connection 10/25 which is intended for 10mm to 25mm welding cable and 35/50 which is intended for 35mm to 50mm welding cable. From Dinse cable plugs and sockets, to screw and crocodile earth clamps for a variety of amps and welding cable from 25mm to 70mm, you\’ll find a wide range of quality welding clamps, welding cables and essential extras here online. Welding cable is the electrical conductor for the welding current. It consists of a series of fine copper strands wrapped inside a non-conductive, durable jacket (typically some type of synthetic or natural rubber of various colors). The fine copper strands give welding cable more flexibility than other types of electrical conductors and the insulating jacket is designed to hold up to repeated movement over rough surfaces. As the current level increases (measured in amperage or amps), the diameter of the welding cable and resulting cross sectional area of the copper stranding needs to increase. The concept is similar to the flow of water through a hose. A larger diameter hose is needed in order to carry a greater volume of water. You use a smaller hose to water your garden, while the fire department uses a much larger hose to fight fires. Welding Leads & Connectors