Disposable Gas Equipment Disposable gas bottles are definitely not the most economical way to perform mig welding the gas bottles will last only 5-10 minutes each at the most at about 6 litres per minute which is low 12 litres per minute will keep the mig torch cooler and give better gas coverage. you need to always disconnect the regulator when you are not using the welding machine as any gas leaks will soon empty the bottle. the best gas mixture is argon mixed with 5-15% Co2 the Co2 stabilizes the arc, pure Co2 is good for penetration but will create a lot of spatter. If you are doing small repairs on a car a full bottle will probably do the job. The gas regulators advertised for sale are mostly not regulators but are gas valves which basic open and close the gas supply but do nor regulate the gas flow. The silver coloured gas regulator we sell is a gas regulator unlike most of the brass bodied so called regulators which are cheaper to buy. Disposable Gas Equipment. General if you are using disposable gas you will not have paid much for the mig machine and will only have about four different power settings to play with, the new type inverter migs have much more power and infinitely variable power settings and about 35% cheaper on input power. we supply various adaptors so you can convert a machine designed to run on disposable gas bottles to run on a mid sized or full size gas bottle, the mid sized bottle we sell are rental free and have a 200 BAR pressure which will last about 12 hours welding at 14 litres per minute. The new helvi TP 220 pulse synergic mig inverter machines will comfortably weld aluminium and stainless with the rental free gasses on a 230 volt supply.

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