Heating Nozzles Propane Super Heating Nozzles Order Code BTU Output H1 No. 1 72,000-163,000 H2 No. 2 102,000-188,000 H3 No. 3 183,000-361,000 H4 No. 4 236,000-406,000 H5 No. 5 250,000-618,000 Acetylene Heating Nozzles Order Code BTU Output AHT25 No. 25 52,000 AHT50 No. 50 91,000 AHT100 No. 100 139,000 Oxygen / Propane Super heating nozzles sizes 1H to 5H are used throughout industry for a wide variety of heating applications, very frequently being used in “pre & post” heating for welding applications. Typical uses include heat large plates for forming operations, expanding items for fitment over shafts and other similar applications. Generally used with Type 5 shank, propane heavy duty mixer and long stainless steel neck (500mm, 700m or 900mm), alternatively using “super heating adaptor” which is fitted directly into extended length cutting torch, which provides higher heat output. These nozzles are all produced to ensure correct gas flow and the proper heat output. All our super heating nozzles are castellated for safety and may be touched down without fear of flame retraction or equipment damage. Correct setting of these nozzles is vital to ensure the fuel is burnt correctly. Avoid a soft flame, if you have too much heat change to a smaller size. These nozzles have sometimes been referred to me as “Pepper Pots” when compared to other heating nozzle styles.

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