Gas Cutting Machines SIP Portable Straight Line Cutting Machine This is a universal cutting machine used for oxy-fuel cutting applications up to 150 mm metal sheet thickness. The cutting machine is rugged and portable and can be used for straight cuts when guided by a rail. The universal cutting machine can also be used for manual guided shape and circular cuts. You can attach the cutting torch in a fixed vertical or angled position for bevel cutting metal sheet edges. The cutting machine is not supplied with a guide track but is supplied with a one nozzle mix torch. FEATURES and BENEFITS: Gas Cutting Machines Universal cutting machine Used for oxy-fuel cutting applications Cuts a sheet metal thickness of up to 150 mm with 1 torch Used for straight cuts when a guide rail is used Without guide rail – manual guided shape and circular cuts Cutting torch can be fixed in an angled or vertical position for bevel cutting metal sheet edges Guide rail and cutting nozzles not supplied, Portable, Rugged, Precise cutting PACKAGE: Equipment for 1 torch-cutting applications One nozzle mix cutting torch Torch holder Torch bar Stainless steel heat shield Circle cutting pole Circle centre-piece Internal has hoses Gas manifold with shut off valves 10 m Electric cable with plug DIN Nozzle mounting and cleaning accessories Flame lighter SPECIFICATIONS: Cutting capacity – Up to 150 mm with 1 torch. Cutting Speed – 75 mm to 700 mm/min Operation – Forward and reverse with variable speed Circle cutting diameter – 110 mm to 1340 mm (optional up to 2340 mm) Maximum strip width – 485 mm. Power supply – 230 V ac / 50 Hz
Motor supply 24 V dc Oxygen inlet connection – G3/8 inch, up to 8 bar, hose minimum DN8 Fuel gas inlet connection – G3/8 inch LH, up to 1 bar, hose minimum DN8 Machine dimensions – Width180 mm, Length 380 mm, Height 160 mm without the torch, hoses and torch bar Weight 13 kg with one torch, 16 kg with two torches

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