Cylinder Trolleys/Handling Cylinder Trolleys Order Code Description SPKB07 Single Oxygen/Acetylene 8” Wheels SPKB08 Single Oxygen/Acetylene 16” Pneumatic Wheels SPKB09 Single Oxygen/Acetylene 8” Wheels (3 Wheels) SPKB10 Single Propane 8” Wheels SPKB11 Single Propane 16” Pneumatic Wheels SPKB01 Twin Oxygen/Acetylene 8” Wheels SPKB02 Twin Oxygen/Acetylene 16” Wheels SPKBS03 Twin Oxygen/Acetylene 8” Wheels (3 Wheels) SPKB04 Twin Oxygen/Propane 8” Wheels SPKB05 Twin Oxygen/Propane 16” Pneumatic Wheels SPKBS08 Twin Oxygen/Propane 8” Wheels (3 Wheels) SPKB13 Portable Small Oxygen/Acetylene
Cylinder Trolleys/Handling Gas Cylinder Trolley 47kg Propane/LPG for up to 390mm diameter gas cylinders but is suitable for many varying cylindrical loads, made from 25.4mm hollow tube which provides great strength, but still remains light weight.
Available on a choice of wheels, either standard 400mm diameter wheels with roller bearing, which would provide a 350kg capacity, or on Rough terrain wheels with a 120mm wide tread for additional stability over fields or rough yard area. The rough terrain wheel is also available in polyurethane puncture proof wheel. Fully welded construction, heavy duty zinc plated adjustable chain retention.

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