Fibreglass Welding Blanket Black Vermiculite 1 x 1 metre

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Welding Blanket Fibreglass Black Vermiculite 1 x 1 metre WB0851

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Fibreglass Welding Blanket Black 1 X 25 Metre Roll

Here we have a premium quality Fibreglass Welding Blanket Black Vermiculite 1 x 1 metre Roll. This is ideally suited for medium to heavy duty industrial applications. As well as being heavy duty this blanket is vermiculite coated for higher temperature and better abrasion resistance. Secondly, the blanket also offers extremely high heat protection of up to 750 degrees. Featuring a vermiculite weight of 1020g/m2 and a heavier fabric weight of 1020g/m2.

In addition this blanket also comes in different size rolls. The range includes 1 metre, 2 metre, 3 metre and 25 metre rolls. Please call us if you require any other sizes.

To Summarise 

  • Working Temperature 750°C 
  • Good spark and spatter protection
  • Medium to heavy duty welding blanket
  • Good for heat treating
  • Vermiculite coated for higher temperature and better abrasion resistance 
  • Colour: Black
  • Vermiculate Weight 1020g/m²
  • Heavier fabric weight 1020g/m2

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