Welding Accessories Fibreglass welding blankets Fibreglass Welding Blanket • 0.75mm Thickness Perfect for any garage or workshop Can be used as a thermal wrap for exhausts or other hot areas PU Coated Welding Blankets Fibreglass Welding Blanketm• PU Coated • 0.7mm ThicknessmPerfect for any garage or workshop PU coated to resist grease and liquids Vermiculate Type Welding Blanket Fibreglass Welding Blanket, Black • Vermiculate Weight 1020g/m² Heavier fabric weight 1020g/m2 Vermiculate coated for higher temperature and better abrasion resistance Silica Type Blanket Silica Welding Blanket • 0.6mm Thickness High silica blankets are very soft and flexible making drape ability easy and ideal for automotive repair applications The material is far less likely to mark interior and exterior surfaces Superb to hold/insulate hot components or isolate hot areas up to 900˚C to allow them to cool welding blankets Welding Blankets are available in many sizes if you have any special requests please contact us

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