Parweld Panther Drivers Gloves P3855

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Parweld Panther Drivers Gloves P3855

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Parweld Panther Drivers Gloves P3855
It’s the human touch, an intuitive understanding which anticipates what consumers, in markets around the world, really wants. It’s what makes us different.
Partnership is key, we listen, we talk straight and keep an open mind. We aim to offer all customers regardless of size the most effective solution.
With manufacturing plants in China and the UK, 50 distributors/wholesalers worldwide and stock holdings in Europe and Asia, we offer an ideal one stop solution for all your welding requirements.
Parweld has the people, the products and the technical support for your business.
Parweld is your welding specialist.
It’s the human touch,an intuitive understanding which anticipates what consumers in markets around the world really want. It’s what make Parweld different. We understand that not every market is the same and so we work with the customer to deliver products that match the specific needs of that market.
At Parweld our emphasis is focused on the design, development and manufacturing and not just distribution and selling. We understand the importance of all stages of product development and we strive to be the best.
A consistent policy of investment in Research, Development, Technology, Manufacturing Techniques and Personnel puts Parweld at the leading edge of welding torch development and its competitors.
Continued dedication to research, innovation, design and rigorous quality control enables us to provide superior products backed by a professional and dedicated technical and sales team.Forklift Isle
Our leadership within the industry has been gained by combining technical expertise with a deep understanding of the needs of the customer
We remain committed to servicing customers with the highest standard of welding product to fulfil the requirement of today’s fabrication techniques.
Parweld is a pioneering and influential designer of welding torches. Today there are thousands of our products in use in prestigious manufacturing companies all over the world
Parweld understands that total quality management is about customer awareness and continuous improvement. It represents a way to stay ahead and demands companywide commitment to ensure success in the drive for a quality product.
Parweld Panther Drivers Gloves P3855
For us, quality is not just a statement, it is a mission and a commitment to all of our customers.
Parweld quality extends throughout the company. From the first point of contact with the customer through to the delivery of the smallest of items quality is always at the forefront. Our entire business is certified to ISO9001 and our objective is to provide total customer satisfaction in all areas of our business.We understand that consistent field performance of our products is essential, and this is always top priority.
Design, engineering, production, logistics and customer service in one facility means we provide a seamless service to the customer.

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