Parweld Panther Parweld range of welding blankets and curtains protect the user from accidents caused by welding sparks. All Parweld welding blankets conform to BS EN 1869:1997 DEFINITIONS BS EN ISO 1869:1997 Parweld Panther The product must: Protect workers whilst having the added benefit of shielding flammable materials, machinery, vehicles and plant and equipment from molten metal globules, spatter, etc. Parweld welding blankets are reusable dependent upon the application. Parweld welding curtains can be used to isolate an area offering protection to workers working outside of the welding area from welding sparks, UV/IR light welding spatter by creating a moveable welding bay. Parweld safety apparel offers the users protection against the hazards in the workplace.Founded in 1972 to service local industry in the West Midlands, Parweld has grown to become a global player in the design and manufacture of welding products. We are proud to offer one of the world’s most comprehensive range of MIG, TIG and plasma torches, alongside an ever-increasing range of welding machines, PPE and other complementary products. Managed from our head office in the UK with manufacturing facilities in China, we now have distributors in over 55 countries worldwide, serving Europe, Middle East, North America, South America and Australia. We understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach, and we have the skills and ability to adapt to our customer’s requirements as they develop and change with market demands. From a one-person operation to a multi-national company and everything in between we offer the same high quality of service to all customers, tailored to your requirements. Whether it’s Parweld branded or OEM product we will meet your needs.

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