Kemppi GXe Gun Handle

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Kemppi GXe Gun Handle REDESIGNED WITH OVER 200 IMPROVEMENTS The Flexlite GXe is a reliable, high-quality MIG/MAG torch series with optimized ergonomics and excellent welding performance. The improved structure enables a longer, cost-efficient lifetime for both the torch and consumables, proved by a 6-month warranty. We used customer feedback to completely re-engineer the torch structure for enhanced durability, upgraded welding characteristics, and optimal balance. The GXe is designed for better protection against dust and humidity while also offering compatibility with a wider range of accessories. Key areas have been made smaller for added comfort, and the ball joint bending support is now more reliable with improved wire feeding. But there’s more. We also made significant upgrades to the torch neck. For example, the new water-cooled W-neck with new ceramic insulation and improved water flow offers enhanced cooling to extend the lifetime of consumables, and the refined neck shape enables smoother wire feeding. GXe torches also have a new gascooled G-neck with a strong heavy-duty structure and a new rotation mechanism for increased durability. The neck bend angles and wireline were also optimized to reduce wire feeding disturbance for more stable arc performance and precise welds. Getting the most out of your MIG/MAG torch means having the best accessories, and GXe torches are no exception. Both the new GRe50 analog remote control for the Series 5 torches and GRe80 digital display remote control for the Series 8 torches offer improved ergonomics and easy installation, while a new heat protector maximizes hand protection when added to either the standard handle design or the optional gun handle. BENEFITS Long, cost-efficient lifetime two value levels (Series 5 and 8) are available with gas and water-cooled versions IP5X Protected against dust and humidity Improved handle grip features and shape for better ergonomics New lightweight on-torch remote control options Redesigned and patented ball-joint cable is optimized for smoother wireline and reduces wrist load Over 200 improvements made to the previous version (GX-series) Compatible with all GX-series consumables Kemppi GXe Gun Handle The updated detachable gun handle with improved ergonomics fits perfectly into the welder’s hand. The trigger is better placed than before, and the gun handle gives better support for the welder’s wrist. Usage requires less muscle effort than the previous gun handle. The trigger mechanism was made with a plastic bearing which allows smooth and step-less trigger touch.



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