Kemppi GXe Torch Accessories GRe50Classic analog remote control for GXe Series 5 torches for memory channel or wire feeding adjustment. The new shape is lightweight, durable, and easy to handle with welding gloves. The channel step click can be removed by adjusting it with a small screwdriver. Plastic is more robust, and orange potentiometer fixing is improved. Compatible with Kemppi machines with remote control support GRe80Digital remote control for choosing parameters and making precise adjustments with GXe Series 8 torches. A small profile helps prevent knocks, while a bright, easy to-read display provides key information right at the weld joint. Easy installation and maximum dust and humidity protection. Compatible with Kemppi Master M 350series and X5 FastMig family. Gun handle The updated detachable gun handle with improved ergonomics fits perfectly into the welder’s hand. The trigger is better placed than before, and the gun handle gives better support for the welder’s wrist. Usage requires less muscle effort than the previous gun handle. The trigger mechanism was made with a plastic bearing which allows smooth and step-less trigger touch. Heat protector The heat protector for GXe welding torches protects the welder’s hand when welding in extremely high amperages. The heat protector is flexible, and welders don’t have to worry about rigid corners or other impacts which could ruin the welding result. In addition, the heat protector can be detached or attached within a few seconds. Heat protector can be used with and without a gun handle. Safety control Safety control is an alternative trigger module for customers who appreciate high-level safety. Safety control module triggers can’t be pulled without precise movement. A small lever should be pulled forward before pulling the trigger itself. With that option, emergency situations can be avoided. On the other hand, the safety control design is revolutionary because it doesn’t make trigger pulling possible




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