Jasic Cut 45PFC Plasma Torch  The Jasic Cut 45P plasma cutter is equipped with PWM technology and high powered IGBT components is the perfect solution for cutting low carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium. This user-friendly ‘wide voltage’ plasma cutter offers smooth, fast and precise cutting on material up to 15mm and a maximum of 20mm, where a severance cut is required. Another outstanding feature of this high specification plasma cutter is PFC (Power Factor Correction) that provides substantial energy saving benefits for the user. The PT60 plasma torch supplied has the ‘euro style’ power/gas connection, pilot cable and switch pins connections. All Jasic plasma cutting systems and torches supplied incorporate a safety circuit to prevent operator injury when changing consumables etc. This is a simple ring circuit that breaks the electrical torch switching as soon as the retaining cap is removed preventing machine operation. Without such a protection circuit as previously mentioned the open circuit voltage could be as high as 350V DC at the torch head. The torch head encompasses a full set of consumables as shown right, these consumables are made up of a cooling tube, torch electrode, swirl ring for gas distribution, cutting tip, retaining cap and if required a stand off device to ensure the same distance between tip and material being cut.

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