Parker Technology MB 36 x 3 Metre Gas Cooled Mig Torch

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Parker Technology MB 36 x 3 Metre Gas Cooled Mig Torch
We are a Western owned and managed China based manufacturing group.
Our heritage is British our culture is global.
We have sales and support centres is Asia and Europe and 3 manufacturing sites in China.


The Parker Torchology range represents the culmination of 40 years experience in developing world-class welding and cutting products.
Our product development strategies target the ever increasing demands of process improvements with the everyday needs of the people using the products.
Our vision for the new brand is to build a global product range by focussing on local market requirements.
We are activeley looking for people with the right knowledge, experience, and a passion for customer service, to work with us to create a global brand of the future.

Suregrip™ Mig

Welding Tools For The Professional

· Premium performance and feature sets
· High specification raw materials
· “Simple is best” design philosophy
· Screwless Serviceability
At Parker Torchology we believe in making life simple.
That’s why all our products that incorporate multiple switch options or machine control functions are designed around a point of sale configurability concept
Once you have selected the correct torch for your application, all switches and control modules “plug and play” for quick and simple configurability at purchase point.
The Parker Torchology system, the way to buy welding and cutting tools.
Parker Technology MB 15 x 3 Metre Gas Cooled Mig Torch


At Parker Torchology we have a product range that is being shaped by people with vision, a passion for improvement and a belief in delivering the very best Welding and Cutting Torch Range in the World.


At Parker Torchology we strive to do things differently and aim to deliver them seamlessly.
We assess customer needs and find solutions to their problems.
We create intelligent product features and combine them with elegant design solutions.
At Parker Torchology we talk Torches.


New ideas are the lifeblood of Parker Torchology.
Every year we re-invest 40% of our profits into research and new product
development.We have 20 engineers developing new ideas and technologies
and 10 specialists who test,improve and productionize each aspect of the design.


Product development is an iterative process,trying something over and over,changing one small variable at a time.Parker Torchology engineers make a lot of prototypes, quickly getting the feel for things and uncovering subtle design flaws.

Suitable for all mig welders including drapper, sealey, sip, telwin, kemppi, esab, migatronic, saf, oerlikon, clarke, cebora e.t.c.
Parker Technology MB 36 x 3 Metre Gas Cooled Mig Torch

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