Parweld Water Cooling Fluid 10 litre Container XTSUC

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Freezcool is a highly elaborated heat carrier. It is formulated with multi metal corrosion inhibitors for a safe use into all types of circuits

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General use:

• Cooling of induction furnaces
• Cooling of tack welding systems, plasma flares
• Air conditioning
• Electric generators
• Motorcars industry: engines cooling systems, engines and gearboxes testing benches.
• Cooling of radar systems.

Product benefits:

• Ensures an anti-freezing protection down to -27°C
• High electrical resistively
• Non volatile (no product losses)
• Chemically stable, does not polymerize
• Contains multi metallic corrosion inhibitors.


• Freezing point with a refract meter
• pH control
• Iron and coper contents

Physical properties:

• Physical form: blue liquid
• Specific gravity: 1.04 at 20°C
• pH: 7+/-2
• Freezing point: -27°C
• Resistively: 105


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