Contact tip 0.8mm Pkt 10 (6mm x 25mm)

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This Contact Tip is fitted to drapper, clarke, binzel, sip, mini mig and hobby mig torches etc.

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Contact tip 6MM 0.8MM Pkt 10 (6mm x 25mm)
This Contact Tip 6MM  is compatible to draper, clarke, binzel, sip, mini mig and hobby mig torches etc.

Understanding and Extending Contact Tip Life

While only a small part of a larger mig welding system, contact tips play a critical part in achieving high quality welding performance.
The primary function of this consumable is to transfer the welding current to the welding wire as it passes through the center bore, effectively creating the arc.
To achieve the most consistent results, the wire needs to feed through the contact tip with the least amount of resistance possible, while still maintaining electrical contact.
Contact tips take a tremendous amount of abuse during the course of welding. This is due to the constant friction from the wire and exposure to the heat of the arc. Also in some cases the reflective heat from the base material.

This abuse can easily turn into contact tip failure without the proper precautions.
Not surprisingly, contact tip failure not only hinders productivity by creating downtime for change over, but it can also negatively affect weld quality and create rework.
Adding to that, the cost of replacing contact tips on a frequent basis can add up over time.
Understanding the typical types of contact tip failures and their causes is the best approach to preventing them.


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