Max Photonics MA1 45 Laser

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Max Photonics MA1 45 Laser Max Photonics Headquarters based in Shenzhen, China, holds a strong presence in many countries across the globe. Research and Development Max Photonics continually invests in R&D, driving technological advancements and product innovation. The company’s in-house R&D team collaborates with leading research institutions and universities, exploring new technologies and materials to create breakthroughs in the field of photonics. Fibre Lasers: Max Photonics provides a comprehensive portfolio of fibre lasers, including continuous wave (CW) fibre lasers, pulsed fibre lasers, ultra fast fibre lasers and high power fiber lasers. These lasers cater to a vast range of applications, including material processing, healthcare, optical transmission, sensing and research. Laser Solutions: Max Photonics delivers turnkey laser solutions and customised systems for a myriad of industries like automotive, aerospace, electronics and semi conductors. These solutions enable customers to achieve improved efficiency, productivity and cost effectiveness. Engineering Services: With a highly skilled and knowledgeable team of engineers, Max Photonics offers technical consulting, system integration and customer training services, ensuring that customers receive the best value and optimal performance from their laser systems. Core Values and Vision Max Photonics core values revolve around innovation, customer focus and excellence. The company is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of photonic technology and delivering cutting edge, reliable and customised solutions that exceed customer expectations. The company’s vision is to become a global industry leader in advanced fibre lasers, expand its product portfolio and provide advanced photonic solutions that empower businesses to achieve revolutionary improvements in their operations, ultimately contributing to a better world Laser welding with Max Photonics hand held fibre laser welding equipment Wilkinson Star Limited are proud to be the exclusive partners for Max Photonics hand held laser welding equipment in the UK & Ireland. Targeted at sheet metal fabrication industries, this technology has now been adopted into a growing list of applications including nuclear, aerospace, pharmaceutical and catering to name but a few. Max Photonics fibre laser technology is a great supplement to conventional welding methods in most fabrication workshops. This technology can offer many advantages over conventional welding Max Photonics MA1 45 Laser



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