K3 Gas Cooled Mig Torches GX guns for MIG/MAG welding are designed to increase user comfort and welding productivity. Their innovative production methods, high-quality materials and strict quality control guarantee that you can rely 100 % on your Flexlite GX welding gun. The pistol grip handle, anatomically designed shape and excellent balance reduce wrist loading, allowing the welder to concentrate on challenging tasks to achieve the perfect weld. This has a good effect on both welding quality and productivity. If you calculate the total cost of ownership for a Flexlite GX gun for MIG/MAG welding, you will see that it stands out for its long-life consumables, for its efficiency and good ergonomics, and that it clearly improves your overall welding productivity. The Flexlite GX welding guns are available in alternative power classes and lengths, including different neck versions. K3 Gas Cooled Mig Torches

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