Flexlite Mig Torch Liners Kemppi wire liners are strong, durable and efficient. Designed to suit specific filler wire materials and applications, Kemppi liners support the filler wire and ensure reliable delivery to the welding arc. The liner selection tables describe gun type, filler material, liner color, ordering code and gun length. Steel spiral liners are suitable for welding solid and cored filler wires of corresponding wire diameter. Kemppi ‘DL Chili’ teflon liners are the best solution for reliable feeding of aluminum, stainless steel, acid-resistant and solid steel filler wires. Kemppi’s patented technology, two layer DL Chili liner material significantly reduces friction losses between the filler wire material and liner wall, ensuring reliable and worry-free feeding for listed wire types, even in welding guns up to 8 meters in length. Please refer to the following tables to ensure accurate selection of liners for your chosen welding gun and application. Flexlite Mig Torch Liners

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