Y Piece 65 to 2 x 45mm 2031

This connector connects a 45mm hose to two 45mm hoses

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The Electac portable MT welding fume & dust units are rugged & efficient with a well proven design that gives a long & trouble free working life.
Many companies throughout the World use both the double motor MT900ni & the single motor MT800ni finding that they are inexpensive to buy & economic to  operate.
Both units are used when portability & flexibility are required either with a capture nozzle held by a magnet or with a MIG extractor torch taking the fumes directly from the weld area.
A built-in spark trap & main disposable filter cartridge give 99.99% efficiency for all particulate.
Bypass airflow motors use separate cooling fans to ensure long life & a prominent filter full light indicates when a new filter cartridge is required.
Being fully serviceable, with spares readily available, is perhaps why they are probably the most used unit of it’s type in the U.K.
Y Piece 65 to 2 x 45mm 2031
FEATURES – ELECTAC MT800ni & MT900ni portable welding or dust filters
Extracts fume & dust at source & expels cleaned air to work area
Built-in spark arrestor
Choice of filters, standard or high efficiency
Fantail capture nozzle with magnet to hold in place, MIG torch attachment or use with Extractor MIG torch
Bye pass motors – cooling air is separate from suction from fume source
Built-in filter full indictor – senses pressure in front & behind the main filter cartridge
Carry around, portable machines – needs only a power point
115 or 230/240 volt 50 or 60 hz available
Y Piece 65 to 2 x 45mm 2031


65mm dia. to 2 x 45mm dia. Y piece  Pt.no. 2031

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