Trafimet Ergoplus 36 4M

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For over 40 years, Trafimet has been known worldwide for its wide range of products specializing in welding and cutting torches. Trafimet represents efficiency, quality, innovation, and attention to serving customer needs. In addition to currently being a member of the international Kemppi Oy Group, Trafimet to this day maintains its strong “made in Italy” imprint, staying true to its origins and history. Founded as a small artisan’s workshop, Trafimet has since grown to over 22,000 square meters of manufacturing floor space in Italy. Today, Trafimet represents a well-known brand appreciated by leading industrial companies in the field of welding and cutting Trafimet Ergoplus 36 4M ERGOPLUS [en] The highly renowned ERGOPLUS MIG gun has been updated to a new standard. In addition to the new ergonomic design, significant improvements have been made to the welding performance of the ERGOPLUS MIG gun. The handle of the new ERGOPLUS is made of two components, rubber and plastic. Rubber textures are located on the top and the underside of the handle surface areas, where the human hand needs to hold the handle naturally and precisely. One of the key features in the ergonomic design of the ERGOPLUS is the detachable pistol grip handle. The ERGOPLUS has been fitted with a sealed microswitch trigger Trafimet Ergoplus 36 4M  La rivoluzionata torcia MIG ERGOPLUS è stata rinnovata ad un nuovo standard. Oltre al nuovo design ergonomico, sono stati apportati importanti miglioramenti alle prestazioni di saldatura della torcia MIG ERGOPLUS.L’impugnatura della nuova torcia ERGOPLUS è composta da due componenti (gomma e plastica). Le parti in gomma si trovano sulla parte superiore e inferiore, dove la mano del saldatore esegue la presa in modo naturale e preciso. Una delle caratteristiche chiave del design ergonomico della torcia ERGOPLUS è l’impugnatura a pistola rimovibile.La torcia ERGOPLUS è dotata di un pulsante a microinterruttore sigillato.

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