Trafimet ERGOFRESH 200G 3M

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About us [en]For over 40 years, Trafimet has been known worldwide for its wide range of products specializing in welding and cutting torches. Trafimet represents efficiency, quality, innovation, and attention to serving customer needs.In addition to currently being a member of the international Kemppi Oy Group, Trafimet to this day maintains its strong “made in Italy” imprint, staying true to its origins and history. Founded as a small artisan’s workshop, Trafimet has since grown to over 22,000 square meters of manufacturing floor space in Italy. Today, Trafimet represents a well-known brand appreciated by leading industrial companies in the field of welding and cutting. ERGOFRESH 200G 3M ERGOFRESH The new ERGOFRESH is our answer to the demand for better safety. With the ERGOFRESH fume extraction MIG torch, a welder and their colleagues will breathe clean air rather than the fumes created during the welding process. The extraction efficiency for all ERGOFRESH models has been measured according to new standard ISO 21904. The ERGOFRESH gas nozzle and vacuum nozzle combination is patent pending. The ERGOFRESH handle is equipped with a bypass lid. The lid is located under the welder’s thumb when they are holding the torch by the standard handle. La nuova torcia ERGOFRESH è la nostra risposta alla richiesta di maggiore salute e sicurezza. Grazie alla torcia MIG con l’estrazione dei fumi ERGOFRESH, il saldatore e i suoi colleghi possono respirare aria pulita anziché i fumi creati durante il processo di saldatura. L’efficienza dell’estrazione dei fumi per tutti i modelli ERGOFRESH è stata misurata in conformità al nuovo standard ISO 21904. La combinazione dell’ugello del gas ERGOFRESH e dell’ugello di aspirazione è in attesa di brevetto. L’impugnatura della torcia aspirafumo ERGOFRESH è dotata di un coperchio bypass. Il coperchio si trova sotto il pollice del saldatore quando la torcia viene utilizzata con l’impugnatura standard. Trafimet ERGOFRESH 200G 3M














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