F160 Connecting Flange Part no 2600

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F160 Connecting Flange Part no 2600Electac  is a  UK-based  business  which has been solving people’s  fume control needs for over 35 years.
DURABILITY – Electac equipment is built to last.Rugged metal construction and quality materials ensure many years of hassle-free use.
DELIVERY – Much  of  the  core Electac range can be delivered to you in a matter of days, to solve your fume control problemsThe Electac P fans are designed to be used as lightweight portable extraction units.
Electac self supporting extractor arms can be used individually or in multiples as part of a large system. If a suitable extraction fan, with or without filters, is already available & is of an adequate performance then Electac arms are available to complete the system. If  an extraction fan is required, then our “P” range  can be used to extract from up to 8 arms. Filter modules can be used in conjunction with fans & arms to make a complete filtered extraction system.
Arms are available with a reach of 1.5, 2.5, 3, 4, or 5 metres all of which can be extended by using a 2 metre extension arm.
A choice is offered of standard capture cowl or a compact version for where access is restricted.
Arm support brackets are used to attach the arm to the wall or any suitable structure & a spigot is used to attach the arm to standard spiral ducting or flexible hose.
F160 Connecting Flange Part no 2600
FEATURES – ELECTAC self supporting arms & accessories
Extracts fume & dust at source
Stay put mechanism allows easy positioning with friction discs & springs
Aluminium frame with flexible hose outer construction
Choice of lengths with maximum reach of 7 metres
Top flange connects to standard 160mm spiral ducting


Connection flange to connect arm to standard spiral ducting or flexible 160mm hose

Pt.no. 2600


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