System 9 Filter/Fan

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System 9 Filter/Fan
Electac  is a  UK-based  business  which has been solving people’s  fume control needs for over 35 years.
DURABILITY – Electac equipment is built to last.   Rugged metal construction and quality materials ensure many years of hassle-free use.
DELIVERY – Much  of  the  core Electac range can be delivered to you in a  matter  of  days, to  solve your fume control problems.
Electac filter units for laser & plasma cutting tables are offered in two options, System 7 & the larger System 9.
The basic machines are designed for extracting cutting bed fumes from directly from the bed enclosure, but the Electac System 7 is also available with a modified fan to collect fumes from a canopy above the cutting head which is particularly useful when a water bed is used to minimise the fumes, but you still get steam etc. rising from the bed.
Filter, Fans Plasma & Lazer Cutting
System 9 Filter/Fan All machines use manually cleaned circular pleated PTFE coated filters while the filters are still in situ.
FEATURES – Electac System 7 & System 9 filter/fan units for laser & plasma cutting tables
Cleanable PTFE coated filters Filters cleanable while still inside cabinet using an airline Sound insulated steel cabinet mounted on steel feet that are suitable for fork lifting into position Entry door for cleaning & separate door for debris removal Fan exhaust silencer provided Electrical DOL starter with overload provided System 7 for extracting from below small cutting beds, with separate model for canopy collection above the bed
System 9 for large segmented cutting beds (500mm wide sections)

System 7

System 9


869 x 829 x 1340mm

Does not include exhaust silencer

1658 x 829 x 1340mm

Does not include exhaust silencer


90 kg

160 kg


2.2kw 415 volt 3ph.

4kw 415 volt 3ph.


2 circular PTFE coated for cleaning while still in the machine

4 circular PTFE coated for cleaning while still in the machine

Inlet and exhaust spigot

224mm  dia.

300mm  dia.

Airflow freeblowing

3000 m3/hour

6000 m3/hour

Filter/fan system that has 4 pleated circular PTFE cleanable filters with access door to enable manual cleaning of the filters in situ using an airline.

A collection tray is fitted to allow easy removal of the debris.

Fan has a single inlet backward curve direct drive impeller powered by a 4 kw 415 volt 3 ph motor.

Inlet & outlet spigots are 300mm dia & the exhaust is fitted with a sound attenuator.

Unit is supplied on steel feet that can take standard forklift forks for positioning & transporting. 90010


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