Optrel neo p550 Green Welding Helmet 1007.011

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Optrel neo p550 Green Welding Helmet 1007.011

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Optrel neo p550 Green Welding Helmet 1007.011
Why welders need protection
Most welders see buying and wearing protective products as a necessary evil. Despite this attitude, protection is essential as welding involves various risks that you can see but also some that you can’t. The American Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there are 365 000 welding accidents a year in the US. However, it is very easy to protect yourself against these risks so long as you know what they are:

Ears require particular protection against UV and IR radiation due to their thin layers of skin. In addition, ear protection products should be worn for certain welding procedures.

Bright, intensive light automatically triggers the body’s natural defence mechanism: the eyes are covered by the eyelids.
Because this mechanism is obstructive during welding but also because open eyes can lead to tired and red eyes, the intensity of the welding arc must be lessened. In active welding protection products, this function is taken on by liquid crystal displays or dark glass. The welder is still able to view the weld object, but the intensity is diminished. Another great risk is presented by UV and IR radiation.
The fact that the radiation cannot be detected by the naked eye lures many a welder into a false sense of security. Due to its intensity, even the briefest moment of exposure is enough
to irritate the eyes and to seriously damage them in the long term.
To be sure that the eyes are protected, a UV and IR filter that reliably and permanently reflects the radiation is required. In all optrel welder protection systems, a great deal of importance is attached to the permanent filtration of this radiation.
Optrel neo p550 Green Welding Helmet 1007.011

Respiratory tracts
Depending on the welding process and material, fine particles, smoke or poisonous vapours and gases may be released. In the short term, these substances usually lead to headaches, nausea and coughing.
Without you noticing it, these can then result in serious illnesses and long-term damage.
An analysis of the materials , additives and welding processes used in the working environment concerned should help you to find the right protection. Blower filter units with gas and /or particle filters or systems with a central air supply can be use to minimise the risks of respiratory problems.

The pro range from optrel is a selection of helmets perfect for common welding methods.
The good quality of the ADF combined with the optrel p500 helmet shell guarantee a long life and good standard for welders.
The popular optrel headband and scope for adding the patented hard hat adapter also ensure that this range offers great comfort and protection.
Thanks to the newly developed side cover concept, the welder can change the way his helmet looks time and again.
Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXHPRXdAnNg


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