SACIT P850 Welding Helmet

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P850 Turbo Welding Helmet Sacit, present on the welding market since 1955, is the brand through which Trafimet Group offers products for the welder’s safety worldwide. Sacit’s range is known for the quality and safety of its products, which are guaranteed and certified according to the main standards required in the market place: a wide and complete range of welding safety equipment for professional welders. Choosing a Sacit product offers all the reliability of collaborating with Trafimet Group, a company that for over 40 years is renowned for its wide range of products dedicated to the world of welding. P950 Turbo Welding Helmet For over 40 years, Trafimet has been known worldwide for its wide range of products specializing in welding and cutting torches. Trafimet represents efficiency, quality, innovation, and attention to serving customer needs. In addition to currently being a member of the international Kemppi Oy Group, Trafimet to this day maintains its strong “made in Italy” imprint, staying true to its origins and history. Founded as a small artisan’s workshop, Trafimet has since grown to over 22,000 square meters of manufacturing floor space in Italy. Today, Trafimet represents a well-known brand appreciated by leading industrial companies in the field of welding and cutting. P850 Turbo Welding Helmet is one of our “best seller” optoelectronic helmet, characterised by the use of 4 darkening sensors and external controls. Provided with the True Colour system, which ensures a clean and clear vision, it enables the operator to distinguish easily the objects in the work area with a lower eye strain. Suitable to be used in PLASMA, MIG (GMAW), TIG (GTAW)>40A, ELECTRODE, OXYGAS and GRINDING processes P850 Turbo Welding Helmet–MSC000441

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