Oerlikon Citocut 12 MV Plasma Cutter W000401630

Oerlikon Citocut 12 MV Plasma Cutter W000401630

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The CITOCUT range
Oerlikon Citocut 12 MV Plasma Cutter W000401630

These equipments are portable solutions for plasma cutting with the possibility to regulate the cutting current up to 25 A and cut up to 8 mm.
The CITOCUT 8K is equipped with a built-in-air compressor that allows to cut everywhere with just a 16 A domestic plug.
In both equipments, the digital displays of the parameters allow an easy and precise interface to achieve the best results in a simple way. And all this performance at a minium weight.

Created to meet the needs in workshops and automotive shops, the CITOCUT 12MV HPF is an easy to handle, easy to use power source with minimal system requirements, yet able to ensure an excellent quality of cutting on all metals, including the new high strength steels.CITOCUT 24C & CITOCUT 40iC
These equipments are the most powerful units of the range based on advanced inverter technology.
With a high duty cycle, they are the ideal solution for maintenance operations or intensive applications up to 40 mm thickness. This superior performance and the quick torch connection also allows it to be used for automatic applications and gouging. The digital display provides a precise and repeatable control of the cutting parameters to achieve the maximum quality.

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Product Advantages

✔ Versatile
✔ Precise welding quality
✔ Very good arc ignition
✔ Compact

Main features and benefits

The inverter technology provides at least 3 decisive advantages that assure a very quick payback for this kind of installation:

–   High efficiency (~99%) and low power consumption, around 30% less than an equivalent transformer.
–   Light weight (4 times less than a traditional unit) and small size, with the possibility to carry the units and move them easily for flexible on-site use.
–   Continuous current setting with flat DC current that gives a superior quality cut with a very smooth cut surface. Carry the units and move them easily for flexible

Oerlikon Citocut 12 MV Plasma Cutter W000401630.

Substantial energy savings and wide supply voltage tolerance (+15%/-20%). The power source can also be powered by motor-driven generators of adequate power (min. 6 KVA).
High operator safety (nozzle holder protection, explosion proof protection of the air reducer unit). High electromagnetic compatibility, allowing the power source to be used close to electronic equipment (such as computers, PLC, etc…).

Oerlikon Citocut 12 MV Plasma Cutter W000401630
Delivery equipment
Packages including: a power source CITOCUT 12MV HPF, a torch 4 m, a 3 m earth cable with clamp, a 3 m primary cable.


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