Magys 400 GR Synergic Mig

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Magys 400 GR Synergic Mig
Created in 1964, GYS are a family-owned company with over 650 employees around the world. Built around continuous investment in research and development and the acquisition of knowledge, the company is now a major player in the design and manufacture of welding machines, battery chargers and car body repair equipment
Equipment for welding. GYS offer one of the largest ranges of welding machines, accessories and consumables for all potential users, from the most advanced applications in industry to general maintenance and repair uses.
Equipment for battery maintenance. Manufactured in two factories, GYS offer an extremely wide range of battery charging and maintenance products. More than 50 years of production have firmly established the brand reputation of GYS around the world.
Equipment for car body repair. GYS offer the largest range of repair equipment in the world for vehicles involved in accidents i.e dent pulling, welding, riveting, lifting, induction heating systems (as well as many additional tools). This range has been developed in partnership with the world’s major automotive manufacturers who trust us day after day
The MAGYS 400 GR with its wire feeder is a “synergic” 3-Phase MIG/MAG with an air cooled system. Its heavy duty design and high duty cycle make it ideal for industrial environments welding steel, stainless-steel and
The cables, available either of 5 to 10 meters, are perfectly suited for intensive work up to ø1.2

2T / 4T Spot: Welding with adjustable spot diameter Delay: Intermittent welding mode
More than 1000 parameters managed by micro processor.

Synergic mode:
The wire speed parameters can be set up directly and easily for an optimum result by just setting-up: • The wire type • The wire diameter • The power, with its two switches
MAGYS 400 GR will automatically control: • Optimum wire speed • The pre-gas / post-gas • Burn back
Manual mode: Enables manual control of the wire speed
Separate wire feeder and 4 drive rollers (option) Robust build to suit industrial requirements Gas bottle support up to 10m³ (50l) 4 eye bolts for lifting the machine Heavy duty reinforced wheels for good mobility
Magys 400 GR Synergic Mig

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