Kemppi X5 Fastmig Multiprocess MIG TIG MMA

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Kemppi X5 Fastmig Multiprocess MIG TIG MMA  FASTER WELDING,BETTER QUALITY Overcome the challenges of steel welding and save time and money in after-treatment. Stable arc control and precise ignition produce quality welds with less spatter, faster than before. EFFORTLESS OPERATION Automatic welding parameter adjustment with optimal settings is fast and easy. The graphical 5.7” TFT display wins over both experienced welding professionals and new talents. FLEXIBLE EQUIPMENT SETUP X5 FastMig adapts seamlessly to different welding applications and work environments. The wide range of accessories improves welding quality and ergonomics and streamlines production processes Experience next-generation steel welding with X5 FastMig, an industrial multi-process welding system developed by Kemppi in collaboration with professional welders. Available in 400A and 500A models, the X5 FastMig is a versatile arc welding powerhouse that is built with energy-efficient inverter technology. Reliable, non-short-circuit ignition (Touch Sense Ignition) paired with Wise special processes minimize spatter and create high-quality welds you can count on. The clear, graphical panel is fast to adopt and easy to operate. Well-balanced Flexlite GX welding guns with excellent cooling enhance the welding experience even further. The modular setup and wide range of accessories bring flexibility and efficiency to welding production processes. Made in Finland, the X5 FastMig is built to last. Robust, injection-molded plastic casing protects the equipment from outside blows and challenging work conditions. Top-loading wire feeder design ensures ergonomics and safety when changing heavy filler wire spools. Ease of use is at the core of X5 FastMig. The panel options consider the various needs and preferences of welders, and the operating basics are fast to adopt within just 10 minutes. The wire feeder’s sturdy rotate-and-push buttons can be operated effortlessly even with thick welding gloves on. Excellent usability results in an increase in valuable arc-on time, especially in companies that employ outsourced workforce and where the welding fleet is shared. Graphical 5.7” TFT screen panel is impact-resistant and displays all the needed information clearly without abbreviations. Welding parameters are set automatically by only adjusting wire feed speed. Memory channels are available to customize and save personal settings. In addition to automatic parameter adjustment, a manual panel with traditional two-knob operation is available with limited welding processes and functions. Kemppi X5 Fastmig Multiprocess MIG TIG MMA




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