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Kemppi T Shirt Large IF YOU CAN TAKE THE HEAT, LET IT SHOW We’re beyond proud to introduce Kemppi’s first-ever casual wear line: Kemppi Wear. The first collection is out now. We feel like welding is more than just a job – it’s a mindset. Welders are fearless, perfectionist, wondrous bad asses, both on and off duty. Together we’ve conquered the on-duty part. But what about the other part? The road trips, the barbecues, the workshops. They may not include welding, but they’re still about the bring-the-heat state of mind. Kemppi wanted to find a way also to embrace the off-duty part of welders’ lives. Kemppi Wear was born out of our respect for welders, their loved ones, and welding enthusiasts everywhere. It’s a line of casual wear that combines great style with Kemppi’s rigorous attitude toward design and quality. The first collection includes hoodies, long-sleeve t-shirts, t-shirts, and tube scarves for both men and women. And in true Kemppi style, all items are made from inherent flame-retardant fabrics. Kemppi T Shirt Large


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