Kemppi Master 315 G

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Kemppi Master 315 G Master 315 is a stylish and practical MMA welding machine, capable of absorbing the knocks and impacts of everyday welding life. Lightweight and compact, the Master 315 is constructed from tough injection molded plastic, featuring impact bridge protection structures, making it your reliable partner for workshop or site use. Master 315 guarantees optimal welding performance and fast parameter setting, supported by the innovative Weld Assist menu selection tool. Weld Assist ensures suitable parameters are set for each application, regardless of your welding experience. Select the electrode type, electrode size and joint type, and Weld Assist makes the perfect setting for you. MMA welding may be a basic welding process, but Master 315 adds the extra to the ordinary in a perfect blend for professional welding. WELD ASSIST Take the guesswork out of MMA parameter setting with Weld Assist, lowering setup speed by up to 60 % and ensuring suitable parameter setup the first time and every time. HIGH QUALITY MMA WELDING Perfect welds are characterized by a smooth, controlled arc performance. Master 315 has the dynamic performance to keep the arc under control, including cellulosic electrodes. WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL Extend usability and eliminate hazards with the HR45 wireless remote control. Simple and safe power setting and memory channel selection up to 100 m from your workstation. PULSED MMA For selected applications, Pulsed MMA can lower the overall heat input, improve welding arc control and increase welding speed. Additional benefits of Pulsed MMA include excellent positional and root pass welding properties, cleaner welds and reduced heat deformation. MEMORY CHANNELS Master 315 includes 99 memory channels for your best parameter settings or WPS values. Copy or delete and update as needed. It’s fast and simple. FAST AND ACCURATE SETUP WITH WELD ASSIST FUNCTION Weld Assist sets your target range parameters fast, guiding every welder towards accurate, productive welding. Follow the simple on-screen steps, by selecting the electrode type, electrode size and joint confi guration and hit your best parameters with ease. Perfect for WPS creation. THE MAGIC OF CORDLESS REMOTE CONTROL Select the HR45 remote control and enjoy wireless power or channel control from a distance of up to 100 meters. Eliminate the need for remote cable repairs and improve worksite safety by using the HR45 wireless remote. OPTIMAL WELDING PARAMETERS FOR EVERY JOB Equipped as standard with a full-color 7-inch TFT display, Master 315 defines the best user experience and accuracy for weld parameter setting and control. The easy-to-use navigation buttons and the multifunction control knob, makes it is easy to find the optimal welding parameters for every job. Either select your own settings manually or allow Weld Assist to guide them for you. Welding machine control and setting does not get any easier Make welding life easy. BASIC TIG WELDING FUNCTION AND FLEXLITE TX TORCHES Connect a Flexlite TX223GVD134 torch and shielding gas, select suitable welding parameters for the TIG welding task and you’re ready to ignite the welding arc. With a gentle touch of the tungsten electrode to the workpiece, Master 315 provides an excellent power source for quality DC TIG welding. Flexlite TX series are quality TIG torches for professional welding. Model TX223GVD134 includes a gas valve for adjusting the shielding gas flow, and high-strength, flexible molded silicone handles reduce wrist loading, lowering welder fatigue and improving comfort. Kemppi Master 315 G

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