Kemppi Flexlite GX 303G5 Mig Torch

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Kemppi Flexlite GX 303G35 Mig Torch 5 Metre Flexlite is a series of welding torches, designed for reliable welding performance. They focus on improving everyday welding comfort and welding productivity. The series includes welding torches for both MIG/MAG welding and TIG welding. The Flexlite torches are available as gas and water cooled versions in alternative power classes, lengths and value levels. Flexlite products feature specific user values, including light weight, balance, and reduced wrist loading. Silicon rubber material and innovative design gives a firm grip and allows the welder to concentrate on producing the perfect weld in any welding position. The Flexlite series offers quality consumables of increased durability and extra long lifetime. To get the best quality and cost-effectiveness for your welding, equip your Flexlite torch with Kemppi consumables. Flexlite GX guns for MIG/MAG welding are designed to increase user comfort and welding productivity. Their innovative production methods, high-quality materials and strict quality control guarantee that you can rely 100 % on your Flexlite GX welding gun. The pistol grip handle, anatomically designed shape and excellent balance reduce wrist loading, allowing the welder to concentrate on challenging tasks to achieve the perfect weld. This has a good effect on both welding quality and productivity. If you calculate the total cost of ownership for a Flexlite GX gun for MIG/MAG welding, you will see that it stands out for its long-life consumables, for its efficiency and good ergonomics, and that it clearly improves your overall welding productivity. The Flexlite GX welding guns are available in alternative power classes and lengths, including different neck versions. Available in three value levels, each designed to serve special welding needs Gas-cooled and water-cooled versions available Ball-jointed cable protection reduces wrist loading Removable pistol grip handle included in every product package Up to 35 % lower contact tip temperature thanks to innovative gun neck structure The genuine Kemppi consumables are a guarantee of a long lifetime Less consumables means lower inventory costs K8 level GX welding guns have optional LED work lights On-torch remote controls are available for K5 and K8 level welding guns Anatomically designed handle gives a firm grip All models are equipped with a QR code that takes you directly to relevant information Kemppi Flexlite GX 303G5 Mig Torch


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