Kemppi Flexlite 253G Spares

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Flexlite 253G Spares Kit

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Kemppi’s Flexlite GX guns for MIG/MAG welding increase user comfort and welding productivity. Their innovative production methods, high quality materials and strict quality control guarantee that you can rely 100 % on your Flexlite GX welding gun. The pistol grip handle, anatomically designed shape and excellent balance reduce wrist loading, allowing the welder to concentrate on challenging tasks to achieve the perfect weld. This has a good effect on both quality and productivity. If you calculate the total cost of ownership for a Flexlite GX welding gun, you will see that it stands out for its long-life consumables, for its efficiency and good ergonomics, and that it clearly improves your overall welding productivity. The Flexlite GX welding guns are available in alternative power classes and lengths, including different neck versions. Flexlite GX models feature lower gun neck and contact tip temperatures. This has been achieved with a new, innovative gun neck structure, where the cooling channels run closer to the main consumables, and they are separated from the shielding gas channels. Together with high quality consumable parts, this feature elevates welding efficiency and improves the welding quality. It also extends the lifetime of consumable parts, leading to easier spare part management and savings in consumable costs Flexlite 253G Spares Flexlite GX welding guns feature improved thermal efficiency, which enables cooler temperatures and extended consumable lifetime and leads to more than 50 % lower consumables usage. High-performance, precision drilled contact tips with improved wear life suit wide-ranging applications and filler wire types.


The number of changeable parts has been reduced by improving cross-matching across corresponding models, and by combining the functions of some of the consumables. As a result, the total number of consumables has been reduced per individual gun models. This lowers inventory costs and makes Flexlite perfect for workshop cost management, Every welder has a unique handwriting. It is of great significance, what kind of torch you are holding when filling the seam. Flexlite is the right instrument for every skilled welding professional. It helps you create a handwriting that stands out for its quality Kemppi Flexlite 253G Spares


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