Kemppi Beta e90P Welding Helmet

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Kemppi Beta e90P Welding Helmet with 110 x 90mm Passive Shade 11 Lens and Flip Front for Grinding 9873022
Beta 60P/60A/90P/90A/90X Lightweight welding and grinding shields. Flip-up passive or automatic welding lens models, large clear view visor, GapView setting, comfort headband.
Designed for professional welders and certified to EN175 B for welding, grinding and cutting processes, Beta welding helmet range includes five models equipped with either passive or automatic filters. All Beta models feature the same lightweight but strong shell construction, a comfort headband, GapView flip lens function and magnifying lens frame. Beta 60P/60A/90P/90A/90X For welding, tacking, cutting, grinding and inspection Passive or ADF welding lens options Beta 90X features XA 47 LiFE+ Color ADF including shades 14 and 15 EN 175 B and AS/NZS 1337.1 Deeper protection for facial sides Comfort headband Magnifying lens option See page 46 for models specification Kemppi Alfa e60P Welding Helmet






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