Jasic EVO 2.0 Tig 200P PFC

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Jasic EVO 2.0 Tig 200P PFC Key Features Rugged, ergonomic design ClearVision technology Adaptable wide voltage range Dash-Arc Smart Lift TIG Full featured DC pulse TIG parameters Flexible remote control solutions (optional) Power factor correction (PFC), generator friendly Quick factory reset; auto sleep mode ABAP: Active Balancing Air Passage Smart gas for optimised shielding gas consumption Fan on demand Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) Key power electronic component protection Overcurrent and overheat protection Complete with protective case and MMA leads The concept of “JASIC Quality” goes well beyond the product quality control. It’s about implementing sustainability strategies in all aspects of JASIC’s operation. Holder of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, JASIC strives to develop reliable, energy-efficient and eco friendly solutions to the global welding market. JASIC Quality ensures reliability and performance certified by the most prodigious quality management institutions in the world. A crucial part of JASIC Quality, our integrated test laboratories have been certified as witness test laboratories by both TÜV Rheinland and CSA Group. All welding power sources are comprehensively inspected with 42 test procedures, assuring product compliance with the most stringent quality and safety standards. JASIC is a forerunner of IGBT inverter welding technology and its products were used in some of the most ambitious projects in modern history such as the Beijing Bird’s Nest Stadium. Founded in 2005, the company has grown into an international business with a $200 million annual turnover* and over 1000 staff worldwide. With 3 RDI centres, JASIC have more than 150 R&D personnel and industry-leading integrated test laboratories certified by TÜV Rheinland and CSA. Exporting to over 80 countries and regions, Jasic has an annual production capacity of 1 million machines. JASIC is driven by its passion for the world’s welding needs, and strives to deliver reliable and ecological solutions Jasic EVO 2.0 Tig 200P PFC




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