GYS Smartmig 162

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GYS Smartmig 162 Single phase MIG/MAG 160A welding machine. Product on wheels, ideal for both professional and DIY use. Features a “SMART” Control panel enabling easy set up even for the non-professional user Thanks to the SMART board, it is easy to adjust the voltage (2 positions) and the wire feeding speed. Ideal setting indicated, just select the thickness of the metal sheet. Perfectly suited to repair work on steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Euro torch connector – Removable torch makes it easy to change wire, torch liners and make storage more convenient. Low current consumption, suitable for use on a domestic 16 Amp power supply. Constant and consistent wire feed due to its powerful 40W. wire feed motor. MIG/MAG pour soudage en atelier Ø fl 0,6 – 0,8 – 1 mm. NO GAZ pour soudage en extérieur Ø fl 0,9 – 1,2 mm. Equipment for welding. GYS offer one of the largest ranges of welding machines, accessories and consumables for all potential users, from the most advanced applications in industry to general maintenance and repair uses. Equipment for battery maintenance. Manufactured in two factories, GYS offer an extremely wide range of battery charging and maintenance products. More than 50 years of production have firmly established the brand reputation of GYS around the world. Equipment for car body repair. GYS offer the largest range of repair equipment in the world for vehicles involved in accidents i.e dent pulling, welding, riveting, lifting, induction heating systems (as well as many additional tools). This range has been developed in partnership with the world’s major automotive manufacturers who trust us day after day Research & Development. With over 60 expert engineers in multiple specialities (electronic, mechanical, etc.), the R&D department delivers continuous innovation for high tech products. In 2014, GYS established an important investment by opening a new research centre to provide the best resources for our researchers to continue to develop innovative solutions and improvements. By listening to our customers and combining this information with our engineers’ expertise, GYS are able to constantly offer new products to meet user demands GYS Smartmig 162

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