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Oxygen Cylinder

The oxygen cylinder is the other disposable bottle used for the Dual Gas kit which his is a 110L bottle of oxygen.

Novacet and Oxygen Cylinder Dual Gas Kit

The dual gas kit welds most thin metals available. Furthermore the kit has a wide range of uses. This includes micro welding, assembly of thin sheet metal and cutting thin sheet metal. Also the dual gas kit is used for micro welding for jewellery. Also the kit comes with a variety of items. These are a pressure reducer, anti flashback valves, and 1.5m hose. Also includes torch with two tips , goggles and a case. However it also includes x1 oxygen cylinder and x1 novacet cylinder.  Also the two tips provided with the torch are different sizes. Furthermore the sizes for the tips are Ø0.5 and Ø0.65. Furthermore the highest output temperature of this kit is 3100 degrees. Depending on the environment and the process the surface temperature of the metal can be divided by two.

Novacet Cylinder

Novacet Disposable Gas Bottle replacement fuel gas for the GYS Duo-gas blow torch kit.  It is a 600ml cartridge (330gr of gas) Novacet gas.

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GYS Dual Gas Kit

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