Double Operator Extraction Arm System P2/4 L500H 2.2Kw Motor

Simple to install, Easy to position extractor arms. Up to 6 metres radius with optional swing arms. Low maintenance

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Double Operator Extraction Arm System P2/4 L500H 2.2Kw Motor
Electac  is a  UK-based  business  which has been solving people’s  fume control needs for over 35 years.
DURABILITY – Electac equipment is built to last.   Rugged metal construction and quality materials ensure many years of hassle-free use.
DELIVERY  –  Much  of  the  core Electac range can be delivered to you in a  matter  of  days,   to  solve  your  fume control problems.
The Electac fixed position double operator extraction systems with self supporting extractor arms to capture the fumes/dust at source are an ideal way to capture fumes.
The arms can be positioned close together in the standard fixed mount configuration or separated to whereever needed using galvanised ducting. If arms are positioned at different distances from the fan or arms of different lengths used in the same system, then dampers must be fitted to balance the suction evenly.
Arms can be specified with a working radious of 1.5 metres up to 5 metres & with the addition of a stand off bracket the total reach can be extended to 7 metres.
The fans are from our robust P range with several sizes & various motor powers available to suit the length of the arms.
In addition to being able to simply exhaust the fumes out to atmosphere, filter modules are available that enable the fumes to be filtered & the cleaned air returned to the work area.
FEATURES – Electac double operator fixed fans with self supporting extractor arms
Extracts fume & dust at source & exhausts to atmosphere,  or if fitted with a filter modules expels cleaned air back to the work area
Robust steel construction
Simple to install
Sturdy 1 phase motor 230/240 volt 1 phase or 3 phase 415 volt
Available with 1.5, 2.5, 3 , 4 or 5 metre self supporting extraction arms with full size or compactmetal capture cowl but can be extended by an extra 2 metres when a stand off arm(s) is added
All systems are supplied with galvanised ducting to allow the fan to be in the centre of the two arms with the arms 2 metres apart. Extra distance is possible by purchasing extra 160mm galvanised duct, see ducting prices below.
Double Operator Extraction Arm System P2/4 L500H 2.2Kw Motor

P2 fan  with 1.1 kw motor

P4/2 fan with 2.2 kw motor

Fan dimensions – without arm(s)

425 x 330 x 390mm

Weight fan + 2.5 m. arms


Motor – voltage

415 3ph or 230/240 1ph

415 3 ph only

Airflow – freeblowing

2100 m3/hour

2500 m3/hour

Inlet & Exhaust spigot size


2 x 160mm inlets

224mm exhaust


A double operator system with a 5 metre maximum reach self supporting extractor arms exhausting to atmosphere.

Choice of compact or full size capture cowl on arm.

System fitted with full size capture canopy

415 volt 3 ph 2.2kw motor 94497

Or if fitted with compact capture cowl instead of full size

415 volt 3 ph 1.1kw motor 94497/compact