Ceramic Gas Nozzle 11.2mm Bore

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Parts for wp 17, 26 and 18 tig torches

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Ceramic Gas Nozzle 11.2mm Bore

Firstly, Tig torches use the ceramic gas nozzle 11.2mm bore, sometimes called an alumina cup. Secondly, The purpose of the ceramic gas nozzle is to provide a shielding gas around the weldpool. This prevents any oxidisation from the atmosphere.
Especially relevant, 10 to 12 litres per minute is the recommended gas flow rate. This is the optimum flow rate for manual tig welding. Furthermore, something to be aware of during welding, the ceramic gas nozzle will get very hot. It can sometimes glow red depending on the amperage and gas mixture used.
welding current and accessibility dictates the bore size of the ceramic you need, various sizes are available for different applications.

 Furthermore here are some relevant points

  • The ceramics are made of quality material
  • They are fragile if dropped on hard surfaces
  • The ceramic bore size depends on the access and joint preparation
  • The ceramic can glow a bright red depending welding amperage and shielding gas
  • This ceramic will fit WP17, WP18 & WP26 type tig torches

Finally, parts for WP17, WP18 and WP26 tig torches can be found here https://www.wecs-ltd.co.uk/product-category/tig-torches/tig-torches-wp17-wp26-and-wp-18w-tig-torch-parts/

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