Cebora Autostar 180 x 3 metre Euro Fit Mig Torch

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Cebora Autostar 180 Euro (screw on) type mig torch

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Euro Fit Mig Torch

Euro fit mig torch are now used for the later autostar machines.

The Cebora Autostar 180 early machines were fitted with a fixed mig torch.

Cebora Torches

The cebora pocket turbo 130 was one of the most popular machines in the uk. It was used for DIY welding and automotive industry and many are still in use today. The cebora Autostar 160 and Autostar 180 were the other two most popular machine for automotive and sheet metal workers.  Welding equipment and cutting services have manufactured replacement parts for the Cebora Pocket Turbo 130 machines such as mig welding torches.

We have manufactured New Mig Torches for the Autostar 160 and the Autostar 180 machines. The autostar 160 and 180 modified torches use the MB15 consumables. Also the shroud is push on 53mm long 12mm long bore and the tips are 6mm thread, 25mm long. The pocket turbo 130 alternative torch uses MB14 consumables. However the shroud is screw on 38mm long 8mm bore and the tips are 5mm thread, 18mm long.

The gas nozzles, liners, contact tips, mig torch necks, carry handles, main contactors are obsolete. Fans, printed circuit board repair service, wire reel holders are also obsolete. Rectifiers banks, the turbo 130 printed circuit board, clapper arm assembly and drive motor / gearbox are all no longer available.

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