Backing Pad 100 x M10 1.5MM Thread

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Abracs Backing Pad 100 x M10 1.5MM Thread

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Backing Pads are manufactured from premium nylon compound. Therefore giving maximum flexibility and support along with long life. As a result they are suitable for fibre discs and semi-flexible grinding discs. Abracs’ signature product range, we offer one of the most comprehensive and highest quality abrasive disc ranges available on the UK market. We have an extensive range of Cutting, Grinding, Extra Thin and Specialist discs available for use on a wide range of applications. All Abracs discs are subject to our rigorous quality control procedures and are manufactured to European safety standards. We have classified the range into 3 star and 5 star quality levels & application types to make selecting the right product as easy as possible Abracs are a UK based company delivering expert manufacture and service of abrasive products to the UK market. The Abracs York based HQ maintains a consistent 99% stock availability on their entire product range. As a result you can rely on any product being shipped directly, on time and in full. However it is only when you order before 4pm. The Backing Pads we show in the image below, the product is available in 5 difference sizes. The image shows the specification of each size available. However the size we supply is the Backing Pad 100 x M10 1.5MM Thread. PHBP100101.5

The 4 other available sizes are as follows.

100MM x M10 1.25MM Thread

100MM x M10 1.5MM Thread

125MM x M14 Thread

178MM x M14 Thread

Our website shows the Fibre Sanding Discs as seen in the image below. Our link below shows the The Fibre Sanding Discs supplied.

Our link below shows the other Abracs products we supply. Similarly if there are any other Abracs products you may require please do not hesitate to contact us!

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