Hose 3 Metre Part no 2525/3

MT 800ni Portable Fume Extractor 110 volt Part no 1110

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Hose 3 Metre Part no 2525/3
Electac  is a  UK-based  business  which has been solving people’s  fume control needs for over 35 years.
DURABILITY – Electac equipment is built to last.Rugged metal construction and quality materials ensure many years of hassle-free use.
DELIVERY – Much  of  the  core Electac range can be delivered to you in a  matter  of  days,   to  solve  your  fume control problemsThe Electac P fans are designed to be used as lightweight portable extraction units. These portable fans are mounted on feet & have a convenient carrying handle. By using a capture nozzle with a magnetic stand along with flexible hoses, they become an ideal extraction system for those awkward areas. They can also be used as fresh air blowers.
Three sizes of fan are available powered by 0.55 kw, 0.75 kw or 1.1 kw motors & of course in 115 volt or 230/240 volt 1 phase.
All fans are fitted with 160mm inlet & exhaust spigots to take flexible hoses & are available as standard P1-H1 kits consisting of 6 metres x 160mm suction hose, 2.5 metres x 160mm exhaust hose, a capture nozzle with magnet & the necessary hose clips.
The largest portable P fan powered by a 1.1 kw motor can also be supplied as a double operator kit, P2-H2, which is supplied with two 6 metre x 160mm suction hoses, 2.5 metre x 160mm exhaust hose, two capture nozzles with magnets & five hose clips. The double operator system offers good performance at a very attractive price.
Hose 3 Metre Part no 2525/3
FEATURES – Electac portable fans exhausting to atmosphere
Extracts fume & dust at source & expels to atmosphere
Robust steel construction
Convenient carry handle built in
Sturdy single phase motors, both 115 volt & 230/240 volt 1 phase
Available with 0.55kw, 0.75kw or 1.1kw motors
Metal capture nozzle with magnet
Carry around, portable machines – needs only a power point
Uses industry standard 160mm dia. flexible hoses
Sturdier than normal flexible hose with close pitch construction


Extra lengths of 160mm dia flexible hose

3  metre  Pt.no. 2525/3

5  metre  Pt.no. 2525/5

6  metre  Pt.no. 2525/6

10 metre Pt.no. 2525/10



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