Welding Helmets & Spares welding helmets come from many manufactures Kemppi S-line welding masks offer high-quality vision features, added comfort, and trusted safety technology at accessible prices. From professionals to welding enthusiasts, S-line helmets are an easy way to get essential welding mask protection and enhanced features from a trusted brand. All welding helmets in the S-line range have auto-darkening welding filter for a hands-free transition between welding and the work environment. With a 2-sensor or 4-sensor auto-darkening configuration, the viewing area adapts to lighting conditions so you can keep your welding mask on in between welds. S-line welding masks have excellent visual clarity, and the Vision+ feature creates accurate real-world visuality that makes objects in the work area easier to see for less eye strain. There are three auto-darkening welding masks in the standard S-line range: S1020, S1030, and S1040. With a 1/1/1/2 clarity rating and solid performance, all welding helmets in the standard S-Line range offer essential protection for any welder.