Maximize your horizon with optrel helmets. 6-times larger field-of-view compared to standard helmets Fully-automated shade level adjustment True Color View
Shade level 2.5 in inactive mode New energy concept with Lithium-polymere battery
Spare Parts
e684 Experience the Difference. Automatic Shade Level Adjustment (Autopilot)
Shade Level 4 / 5 to 13 Ultra-HD Quality with True Color View and Classification 1/1/1/1 Expandable with PAPR System.
Spare Parts
Vegaview 2.5 The Automatic Welding Helmet with World Record ADF.
Shade Level 2.5 in Light State Shade Level Range 8 to 12 Grind Mode with perfect View
Optionally with PAPR System e3000 Respiratory Protection for Professional Welding.
Highest safety class (TH3) Protects reliably from smoke, aerosols, and dust
Integrated, automatic air flow control Expendable with mountain breeze odor filter
Spare Parts
g300 Eye protection for Grinders. Perfect eye and face protection 180° panoramic view
Ultra-clear view from the eye protection specialists of optrel With PAPR adapter

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