New compact and easy-to-handle lighting tower with an integrated power generator.- MAXIMUM HEIGHT 5.5 M MANUAL LIFTING 4.2 kVA SUPER-SILENCED GENERATOR AVAILABLE BULBS: 2×300 W LED or 4×400 W METAL HALIDES
OPERATING TIME 44 HOURS (LED) The new TF IM 5.5 Y is a compact and easy-to-carry lighting tower that can effectively illuminate areas up to 1,800 sq m with a reduced environmental impact. TF IM 5.5 Y is fitted with a 5.5 metre telescopic, with manual lifting and two high efficiency 300 Watt LED lights (or four traditional 400 Watt metal halide lights) and a Yanmar single-cylinder engine. Thanks to its contained weight and set-up on a manual trailer, it can be easily controlled by a single operator.
Sectors of use: rental, events, road works and construction sites. MOSALight Lighing Towers Mini Tower Light – LED Key Features Lamp type LED Power 2 x 300W
Illuminated area 1800m2 (21 lux average) Mast 5.5m Lifting system Manual winch
Construction material Zinc plated steel Engine Yanmar L70 diesel, electric starter
Tank capacity 23 ltr with bundled base Running time 44 hours Noise level 93 Lwa 68 dbA AC output 2.8 kW – 110V Output socket 1 x 16A – 110V Manual trolley complete with folding handles Tower min dimensions L-1125 x W-1256 x H-2236mm Tower max dimensions L-1853 x W-1380 x H-5500mm Dry weight 350 Kg Certified wind proof Up to 50 mph MOSALight Lighing Towers Starter Key Low Pressure Protection (Oil) Low Fuel Protection Circuit Breaker Individual Circuit Breaker Switches for floodlights 110V Socket

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